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Crusaders Class

Our adult group at Flat Creek nurtures many of the elders, deacons, parents, and ministers that serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We study the infallible Word by going through lesson material such as "Explore the Bible," while challenging members to take their learned knowledge and build on it and apply it to their lives every day. You will see the members of the adult group teaching, and helping the younger believers to know our Savior and His message in the church's other classrooms and activities. Typical ages for those that study with the adult group is about 35 and up, but any are welcome to attend!

About the Teachers

In the Crusader's Class, Gordon Dawson, who is an alternating chairman of the Deacons, teaches in conjunction with the Director of Music, Mike Rudder. Both men embody unique teaching styles as God uses them to teach His Word. The adult group progress through pre-written material, which is presented passionately to believers and seekers, that they might grow in faith and in service to Christ Jesus.

Sr. Pastor for Teaching and Preaching, Earnest G. Carey, Jr., has been ministering to the body of Christ for better than 35 years in virtually every biblical role – evangelism, education, missions, and pastorate. He has been the senior pastor of Flat Creek for over 12 years. Earnie was converted to Jesus Christ as a child, but grew to understand his regeneration by the Holy Spirit as a young adult. His educational background includes mechanical engineering, marketing, and pastoral theology, and his spiritual gifts are expositional preaching and teaching. Pastor Carey also has a keen interest in understanding the role Christian history has had in influencing Baptist churches today.


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