Perusal* – Spring 2011, “While the earth remains…”

(* perusal; to examine or consider with attention and in detail) 

Genesis 8:22, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease." 

One week ago (at the time of this writing) our weather was cold, less than 40o F.  This weekend temperatures have approached record warmth levels.  Perhaps there is something to the climate change hysteria.  Or, perhaps the earth is engaged in cyclic weather patterns that fluctuate annually, much like my weight! The Creator controls the phenomenon by the mere edges of His ways Job declared more than 3500 years ago.  He does this as a reflection of His glory and is dispensed to mankind to search it out, Proverbs 25:2. Our voices should praise Him in unison while enjoying the on set of Spring. 

Flat Creek Baptist Church celebrates its 180th anniversary during 2011.  It has been my great privilege to pastor Flat Creek for almost sixteen years.  Our Lord has caused me to grow in His grace and knowledge over these years and I have been humbled by the tenure.  The willingness of God’s people to work together for the purpose of fulfilling the great Commission has humbled me.  Sharing in the suffering of godly saints has humbled me.  Rejoicing in their triumphs has humbled me.  Disciplining fellow believers has humbled me.  Most of all, learning of the grace of my Savior, Jesus Christ, has led to an increasingly humility and amazement that the triune God would stoop to love a wretched sinner as I. 

Five years ago Flat Creek was blessed to celebrate our 175th anniversary.  This year we are planning for a great day of Jubilee on October 16, 2011.  Dr. Andreas Kostenberger, author of more than twenty books and professor of New Testament Theology and Director of PhD studies at Southeastern Baptist Seminary will be our plenary speaker.  He also is the key contributor of www. website and has traveled extensively having spoken last year in Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, England.  Dr. Kostenberger is noted for his unerring love of the truth of God’s word and his dedication to the restoration of godly marriages in our churches now furthered by the second edition of his work God, Marriage, and Family.   

We are blessed to have this opportunity to listen to Dr. Kostenberger as he declares the One with whom we all have to do, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has debated Dr. Bart Ehrman of the University of North Carolina about the foundations of Christianity and has written a book in defense of the orthodox understanding of our faith, ironically titled The Heresy of Orthodoxy. The simplicity of the Gospel is under attack today perhaps as never before and Dr. Kostenberger is on the front line battling the good news of God’s character in Jesus Christ. 

Over the next few weeks more will be written concerning our 180th celebration.  Make your plans to join with the saints of Flat Creek committed to the continuing declaration that Jesus died for sinners of whom I am chief!  Remember we are to proclaim the Gospel while the earth remains.  

Sola Deo Gloria, Pastor Carey